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Please read carefully - It's important everything below is correct and banned items are not being used.  Forfeit rounds awarded if incorrect.

General PC Rules 

- All new players who transition to PC need to inform admins that they have moved over to PC. 

- All PC players are to run Moss during Season cbs, 

- All moss files are to be sent via email (

- Season 13 is unlimited to PC. 

- All PC Players will have ONE hour to send Moss files in. Admins arent there to remind you to send in your files! Failure to send it in will face consequences upon admin discretion. 

- PC players must follow the rules as this can result to severe consequences.

Moss Information 

Please note: We are aware that Moss has been compromised however, there are low end Cheat Engines that are still picked up from Moss so we will still need to run Moss.  

You will need to download first before downloading Moss. 

Copy & Paste - in address bar to download Moss. You will need to download the x64 version 

Password is - Moss and that you should be able to initiate the download. 

Steps to Running Moss 

1. Open Moss 

2. Capture (top left) 

3. Start 

Please ensure that you start the program prior to opening the game to avoid Moss corrupting when its time to end Moss Capture. 

Timeout Rule 

- Only Leaders can conduct the Time out rule. 

- Accused player is to remain in the lobby and wait for the Leader to contact him either through facebook page or in discord. 

- Player has 30 seconds to answer the phone, exceed this time will result to the player facing consequences. Leaders will also have the right to claim FF for full CB (3-0) if it does get to this stage. 

Steps to video call 

1. Leader must message in Game Chat Message box to inform other team that a timeout rule will take place once Map is finished. 

2. Accused player CANNOT leave the lobby & host must be ready to start a Map with accused player in. 

3. Leader is to contact accused player through either his or her fb page or to join MBG VC Discord channel to conduct check. 

4. Host will need to start the game & accused player must show his monitor to the Leader and follow any instructions given to accused player (we do encourage Leaders to have accused players press "Insert" on KBM) . 

- Once the VC is completed, accused player is to restart app with Leader on the call & join lobby. 

Initial PC Checks Step by Step Guide: 

1. Wait for allocating Admin to start the PC Check in DISCORD

2. Windows Defender is to be turned "ON"

3. Season 13 will go back to video calling via Discord! Mobile Camera must be positioned where the whole screen can be viewed at all times. (Video quality must be visble and adequate). Failure to do this step will result to the PC Player sitting out of the Season CB) 

4. Moss will then need to be started (Capture - Start)/ Please Note: ONE MONITOR only to play CB! Any Extra Monitors need to be unplugged from HDMI. Moss will reflect on the number of Monitors used in the cb. So please make sure Moss is running correctly. Failure to do so will result to a automatic FF. 

5. Restart Process: All PC Players must Start App, End App & Start App again then load into lobby. 

6. All PC Players who are participating in the Season CANNOT turn off camera at any point. It is your responsibility to make sure you charge your phones, uber your food or do what you need with your phone before the CB commences.  

If any player is caught using hacks of any kind (Walls, Soft Aim Bot or Strong Aimbot) will automatically receive a temporary ban. The ban will apply upon admin discretion. 

Please understand that we run these comps and 100% stand by making it a fair playing field for everyone to test their skills. We DO NOT condone hacking neither do we encourage it.

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