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- No GA 

- Games are 5v5's Hardcore Search and Destroy.

- First to 3 maps 

- Minimum 4 players in lobby to commence cb. 

- 12 Players max to register & Min is 5. 

- Only 3 Leaders will be approved to lead a team (L, 2iC, 3iC) 

- Knife Rounds to determine team to pick first map. 

- Players cannot spectate the other team for more then 10 secs. 

- Only Registered players can play in the cb. Any unregistered players participating will face consequences which will include giving FF to the other team. 

- Teams have 15 mins to join lobby before FF can be claimed if its a "No Show". 

Taking FF 

- FF will need to be claimed during the MAP. 

- Once map is finished, FF cannot be claimed. If both teams cant resolve rule, host is to end the game to discuss outcome & resume once both leaders have come to an agreement. 

- FF rounds only, proof will be required. 


- Vanguard have dedicated servers. 

- If both teams cannot agree to who can host, both leaders can suggest their own host & to host own maps.

- If a player lags out in the first 30 Secs of the match (not round), host is to end the game & invite player back. 

- Host is to end the game if a unregistered player joins. 

- Incorrect setup needs to corrected before round 3 otherwise FF can be claimed after that. 

Clan Tags

- Incorrect Clan tags can lead to FF if Leader chooses to claim. 

- FF cannot be claimed after Round 2. 


Monster Battle Gaming - [MBG])

In-Game Rules

- Teams will have 5 mins in between each map to start. 

- If clan leaves mid game, they have 15 mins to join back in lobby. Teams CANNOT postpone cb. 

- You can only have ONE sub in the lobby. 

- If the start teammate "times out", player can join back to continue playing, however, if player leaves the game (Player Left the Game), same player cannot join back till next map & sub can fill in. 

- Sub will have 11 secs to kill themselves in the cb. 


- All claims are to be made in the discord under "Season-Claims" 

- All 3 screenshots will also need to be provided as this ensures all registered players are in the cb & confirm the win for points to apply.   

Double Accounting 

- If a player is suspected of Double Accounting, Leader accusing will have to contact the player via Video Call. 

- If Player is found guilty, player will receive a 3 month Suspension. 

- Player must show their face in the video call for at least 5 seconds. 

Please click Season PC Rules for PC Players. 

Please be mindful that admins have lives & jobs outside this game. We do try our best to answer all inquires in good time so if we do not get back to you asap, please message us again & will get an admin to complete request. 

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