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Any Rules being broken will result to an FF via Admin Discretion.

- No GA (Gentlemen Agreement) 

- Games are 5v5's Hardcore Search and Destroy.

- First to 3 maps 

- Minimum 4 players in lobby to commence cb. 

- 12 Players max to register & Min is 5. 

- Only 3 Leaders will be approved to lead a team (L, 2iC, 3iC) 

- Clan defending rank gets first map pick & will alternate then. 

- Players cannot spectate the other team for more then 10 secs. 

- Only Registered players can play in the cb. Any unregistered players participating will face consequences which will include giving FF for every round the unregistered player played in to the other team. 

- Teams have 15 mins to join lobby before FF can be claimed if its a "No Show". 

Taking FF 

- FF will need to be claimed during the MAP. 

- Once map is finished, FF cannot be claimed. If both teams cant resolve rule, host is to end the game to discuss outcome & resume once both leaders have come to an agreement. 

- FF rounds only, proof will be required. 


- If both teams cannot agree to who can host, both leaders can suggest their own host & to host own maps.

- If a player lags out in the first 30 Secs of the match (not round), host is to end the game & invite player back. 

- Host is to end the game if a unregistered player joins. 

- Incorrect setup needs to be corrected before round 3 otherwise FF can be claimed after that. 

Clan Tags

- Incorrect Clan tags can lead to FF if Leader chooses to claim. 

- FF cannot be claimed after Round 2. 


Monster Battle Gaming - [MBG])

In-Game Rules

- Teams will have 5 mins in between each map to start. 

- If clan leaves mid game, they have 15 mins to join back in lobby. Teams CANNOT postpone cb. 

- You can only have ONE sub in the lobby. 

- If the start teammate "times out", player can join back to continue playing, however, if player leaves the game (Player Left the Game), same player cannot join back till next map & sub can fill in. 

- Sub will have 11 secs to kill themselves in the cb. 


- All claims are to be made in the discord under "tournament claims" 

- All 3 screenshots will also need to be provided as this ensures all registered players are in the cb. 

- Failure to provide 3 Screenshots will result to the CB being void. 

- Leaders will have 14 hours to post claim/defend otherwise cb will be voided. 

Double Accounting 

- If a player is suspected of Double Accounting, Leader accusing will have to contact the player via Video Call. 

- If Player is found guilty, player will receive a 3 month Suspension. 

- Player must show their face in the video call for at least 5 seconds. 

Please be mindful that admins have lives & jobs outside this game. We do try our best to answer all inquires in good time so if we do not get back to you asap, please message us again & will get an admin to complete request. 

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